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Cold shuttle

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The low temperature shuttle vehicle is a high-speed transportation equipment in the automatic storage system. It runs around the solid warehouse and delivers goods to the conveyor line and SRM.

It has all the functions of ordinary shuttle vehicles, it can work in a low temperature environment, the working environment temperature -25 degrees ~40 degrees, suitable for cold storage operations.

 Caution for using cold storage shuttle car:: 

  1.cold storage shuttle car should not be placed in the refrigeration temperature after working, to prevent condensation water damage to parts;

  2.shuttle vehicles should always be used in cold storage, not from the freezer to the room temperature. Otherwise, the electrical components in the shuttle car will be damaged. When the shuttle car does work in the cold storage, be sure to electrify, heat the electronic parts and use the red box.

  3.if the power is charging type, you need to charge the battery in time, the power endurance is 6 hours.