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  • Brand:Sosense
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 Sosense normal shuttle car is an intelligent storage equipment, can cooperate with forklifts, SRM, shuttle carrier, automatic warehouse access. Forklift, stacker, shuttle vehicles and other equipment can not enter storage shelf area, only in the storage area at the end of operation, the shuttle on the goods into the designated location, location is the first shelf entrance side forklift, stacker, shuttle bus storage location. Can realize the goods first in first out (FIFO) and last in first out (LIFO) two modes of operation. Shuttle cars can also be transported by forklifts, SRM, shuttle carrier to facilitate access to other cargo routes.

Radio shuttle functions:

  1. Manual storage: manual remote control, single inbound and outbound.

  2. Automatic storage: manual remote control, single or continuous inbound and outbound.

 3. FIFO / LIFO: both ends inbound and outbound.

  4., Find the car function: out of sight, beep call, find the car, and call back to the origin.

  5. Electricity display function: automatic display power value, easy to charge in time.

 6. Automatic protection function: stop automatically when meeting obstacles.

  7. Automatic tally function: automatically arrange the pallet on track

  8. Automatic counting function: automatically count the quantity of goods

 9. Rescue function (patent): in particular, safety relief vehicles.

Technical parameter

No. Parameter Value
1 Load(kg) ≤500 ≤1500 ≤2000
2 Running speed with full load(m/min) 60 48 36
3 Running speed without load(m/min) 90 60 60
4 Lifting stroke(mm) 45
5 Car body height(mm) 176
6 Power supply High performance lithium iron phosphate battery
7 Working time(H) ≥8 hrs
8 Recharging times ≥1000
9 Remote distance(m) 100
10 Environment(℃) 0~45