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WMS function in ASRS

2016/5/27 10:01:58      Click:

 WMS plays an important role in the ASRS,it is responsible for receiving the task issued by computer management system, after its judgment and logic processing, drive the corresponding on-site equipment operation.

 How to select ASRS equipment: Collect customer demand, select control mode and network structure, make system high efficent, reliable and extendable.

  Reliability ensurance: select control part with international brands or well known brands to ensure the system lont-term normal operation.

  Distributed control system: each sub-system can work independently in networks. If one sub-system fails, it does not affect the operation of other systems, and makes the system maintenance and testing more convenient. All instructions and states do not affect the operation of the field bus and make it easy to interact with the computer.

  Multilevel HMI: each sub-system and monitor can interface with different person with different right at same time.


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