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RGV introduction

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RGV is rail guided vehicle.It can realize the tasks of picking, transporting, placing and so on. It can communicate with the host computer or WMS system, and combine RFID and bar code to realize the automatic identification and access function.It has two types according to rail:

One is linear reciprocating RGV, mainly used in all kinds of high-density storage warehouse, can improve the storage capacity of the entire warehouse.


one is circular RGV, it can work simultaneously with multiple RGV's and is mainly used in a production line to improve the production efficiency


circular RGV comes from reciprocating RGV, arranged in the plane of the orbit is closed, RGV along the track of the one-way operation, the circular orbit can run multiple RGV at the same time, so as to improve the transmission capacity of reciprocating RGV. RGV小车

Main technical parameter
No. items Parameters
1 Linear speed (m/min)
2 Curved speed (m/min)
3 Positioning precision (mm)
4 Rated Load (kg)
5 Control type
6 Communication type
Wireless ethernet
7 Speed regulation mode
DC servo speed adjustment
8 Power supply
Sliding contact power supply (36V)
9 Main drive motor
2 motors

In recent years, with the rapid development of the logistics industry, circular RGV has been widely used in automated warehouse and daily necessities, medicine, tobacco and bottled/boxed products and other industries, and it is rapid, accurate and gradually recognized by the majority of users.