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How does the shuttle carrier work

2016/8/27 10:04:44      Click:

shuttle carrier is an intensive type two-way automatic storage and logistics equipment. it includes the two-way sub shuttle and parent shuttle and walking track, roadway, cargo track through the dense shelf, reciprocating lifter, hoist lifter, inbound conveyor line, outbound conveyor line, computer control system.

  there are guided rail for shuttle under the racking cell and two sides of rail.The shuttle can travel along this guided rail and lift the goods to move to the end of rail. If shuttle need to change the rail at the same layer, one way is lift by folk lift to move rail mannually, the other way is to use shuttle carrier or lifting SRM automatically. if shuttle need to change the rail at the different layer, the lifting SRM is necessary.

radio shuttle and shuttle carrier can travel on their own rail and can cooperate to change the different rail and layer at same time. It can improve the warehouse efficency, reduce investment and logistics cost, save energy: shuttle can cooperate with WMS/WCS perfectly to share inventory data and easy to operate.

  2.pallet is available. High efficency for delivery goods and protection from damage.

  3.Automatic shuttle system can contact with production and conveying system to ensure the data transfering and sharing.

  4.high utilization for warehouse space with low requirement.

  5.flexible warehouse layout, automatic storage, cost saving.

we can provide customer with development, design, production, installation and service of radio shuttle and shuttle carrier system and solution.