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Why ASRS is the first option in logistics industry

2016/11/27 10:05:37      Click:

 With the development of times, the automated warehouse continuous innovation and improvement, has a variety of second to none advantage, which is the traditional logistics industry and the lack of need.

一、Space utilization

  Many customer select ASRS currently because of high cost of land, labor and high requirement of logistics.

二、Dynamic storage

  ASRS can cooperate with other process to form the whole production chain from raw material storage to prodcution, final products storage and sorting, then can reduce the goods handling times and time.

三、high safety.

  Automated warehouse with advanced information technology, high accuracy, reduce artificial breakage has occurred; barcode technology and information processing technology, accurate tracking of the flow of goods, avoid artificially put in the wrong position and waste time looking for the goods; with the computer intelligent management, easy to adjust the backlog of goods, reduce the quantity of the goods time manual confirmation; adapt to the dark, low temperature, toxic and other special circumstances, to avoid accidental investment. 。

四、High efficency, low labor cost

high efficency means high productivity and high profits.